Best Pub North London – Tottenham – A great week at The Elmhurst

Best Pub North London

We’ve decided to add a bit of a green touch to the venue open mic.  A little bit of Spring inside to offset this unprecedented week of cold weather! Best Pub North London

Wednesday saw Tottenham play Leicester City at White Hart Lane and we had a great time with an amazing group of Away fans who came and brightened our days! That same evening saw the launch of ‘Wild’ our new Student night on Wednesday saw students from all across Enfield, Tottenham and Haringey turning up to party the nigh away.

Thursday was the regular Open Mic, highlights of which included a great performance from Chris Cape, a South African pop/rock rapper based in Manor House and regular Fabio doing an amazing rendition of Starlight by Muse backed by two other regulars, Ralph and Paulo.

And of course Saturday, Tottenham Hotspurs played Sunderland at White Hart Lane, which meant another great day with the away fans who came in for pre-and-post game celebrations!

It was particularly nice to see a few new faces from Manor House and Wood Green popping in for a drink this week.

And today we’re starting our traditional Sunday Roasts.  Come in, try it and let us know what you think!

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